Domaine du Paternel has been part of our family for three generations. As inheritors of this soil, we cultivate it with respect and passion in order to preserve it intact and pass it on to future generations.


In 1943, two sisters catherine and jeanne santini, and their brother antoine, became the proprietors of the paternel farm. It was, at the time, being used for mixed crops: vines, fruit trees, cereal crops, meaning a large amount of changes were needed taking several years.
Catherine’s husband, pierre cathinaud took charge of the restoration of the property. The first bottling took place in 1951. An erudite gourmet, passionate about cooking and wine, he devoted his life to the development of the domaine.

In 1962 his nephew, jean-pierre santini, joined him. A son to two pharmacists, he preferred working with the soil than at a desk. He cleared the hillside and recreated the old terraces where the domaine’s vines are planted today. His drive has seen the vineyard spread from ten to twenty hectares. Jean-pierre and his wife, chantal, have developed the business by marketing to restaurant owners in provence and the côte d’azur, as well as exporting abroad.

In 1992, the third generation arrived at the domaine. Jean-christophe joined his parents. In 1998, after studying oenology, olivier arrived followed by his sister, laetitia. As a close-knit team with a range of skills they distributed the tasks among themselves. Jean-christophe took charge of the vineyard. Olivier took responsibility for the wine making. Laetitia took over sales and marketing and management of the administrative side of the business. In order to express the full wealth of the cassis terroir, they decided to grow their vines organically.

Since 2009, the santini family has worked with bernard and monique piché for the production and marketing of the domaine couronne de charlemagne wines.

The domaine du paternel and domaine couronne de charlemagne wines are certified organic. Today, the family members work alongside a team of motivated and skilled employees, and together they apply themselves to continuing the work that was begun over sixty years ago.