Our vineyard has set its roots in the limestone hills and escarpments of the Couronne De Charlemagne range and the Cap Canaille headland. It reaches 200 metres in height and drops down all the way to seal level.

This exceptional environment gives our vineyard exceptional growing conditions. These have all been erected on the hillside’s slopes, thanks to numerous “terraces” which we have patiently restored over the last decades. We continue to this day to restore these small drystone walls which form veritable ramparts against erosion. These are interlocked with one another in order to retain the soul on these very steep slopes, and mould the landscape.

The perfect soil for white wines.

On these hills, the soils are composed of limestone scree, rich in iron oxide, which have detached from the cliffs. They are covered in marl and clays buried several metres deep. These elements play a significant role on the balance of our vines. The store rainwater and return it to the plant during the dry spells which are frequent in our region, and maintain the regularity of the vines’ access to water. In the sheltered circle of the Cap Canaille headland to the east and the Calanques range to the west, and open to the southern Mediterranean Sea, our vineyard also benefits from a microclimate. The maritime breezes mitigates the punishing sunlight in summer, with over 300 days of sun per year, and the harsh temperatures of winter. It also deposits salt crystals on the leaves and grape bunches which gives our wines their characteristic minerality. Combined with the north-west exposure of our vines, this land which falls completely within the Cassis AOC, expresses its full potential through its white wine production. At Domaine du Paternel, we devote two thirds of our production to white wines. We also produce scintillating, fresh aromatic rosés that are fantastic with food and reds with an exceptional potential for laying down.