Golden, glistening, glowing! Cassis owes its winemaking fame to its white wines, and these are the mainstay of what we produce. They reflect the facets of this terroir: freshness, elegance and complexity.

The white Cassis wines represent two thirds of the wine production at Domaine du Paternel. They are mainly made from two grape varietals: Clairette and Marsanne, the former playing a slightly greater part than the latter.
Clairette gives weight, aromatic complexity and, most importantly, freshness. Marsanne provides fruit flavours, structure and length on the palate. To these two varietals are added Ugni Blanc from 30-year-old vines, giving a further dose of freshness. Rooted in the Cassis terroir, these three varietals marry to make both the bones and the character of the Domaine’s wines.

Rosé wines make up just under a third of production. We combine Grenache, which makes up the majority of the blend, with Cinsault and a little Mourvedre.
The reds are secretive. They combine equal parts Mourvedre and Grenache to express both fruit and complexity on the palate.