2019 Harvest

2019 Harvest

From August 27 to September 21, the Paternel teams harvested the fruit of one year of work.

We could hardly wait for it! 

raisin blanc

The first ripe grapes were harvested at the end of August after a hot summer and little rain. The Grenache grapes kicked things off for production of the Côtes-de-Provence AOC rosé. 

A team of more than 40 grape-pickers joined the estate’s full-time staff. For a little over three weeks, the various grape varieties cultivated on the vineyard were cut, transported in small grape crates by tractors all the way to the estate, cooled down in a cooling tunnel that allows the bunches to be preserved, then destemmed and pressed in our two pneumatic presses. All this to extract the sweet and flavorful juices! 

The juices rest in vats until fermentation is complete, a meticulous step that requires quite a lot of precision. After blending the varietals, the wines go into a stabilization phase in order to develop their aromatic complexity.

You can find out more about these new vintages in December 2019 for the Côtes-de-Provence AOC, then the Cassis AOC wines will make their debut in March 2020.


vendandes 2019



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