Olive Oil

Learn about the Domaine du Paternel’s Olive Oil.

The Domaine du Paternel produces extra virgin olive oil. Its olive trees border parcels of vines and line the "restanque" hillside terraces. All of the estate’s olive trees are cultivated in accordance with organic farming practices.

Olive oil

This olive oil is composed primarily of three varieties : Cayon, Brun and Aglandau.

The olives are harvested early on in the season, in mid-October before they darken in order to produce a green, fruity olive oil. They are pressed quickly to obtain an extra virgin olive oil that is cold-extracted. The resulting green, fruity oil is replete with antioxidants that are excellent for your health.

With notes of artichoke and the pungency of the olives, this oil will be a perfect ally for seasoning Mediterranean dishes, seasonal salads, carpaccio and fresh cheeses.