The team

The team

The Domaine du Paternel team is composed of dynamic and passionate individuals who demonstrate their commitment and loyalty every day. They work in harmony with the seasons, switching between the vineyard and the winery.

The winemakers

les vignerons

Jean-Christophe and Olivier Santini are the general managers of the estate. The two brothers inherited their winemaking vocation from their father and divide up the responsibilities of overseeing the vineyards, the winery and marketing the wines.

Winery Hospitality & Sales Administration

a l'accueil

MarieHugo and Fanélie take turns welcoming you to the tasting cellar and wine shop in Cassis. They are also in charge of managing client accounts, shipping, communications and organizing guided tours and corporate events on the estate.

In the office

Au bureau




Brigitte manages the accounting and administrative aspects of the estate, performs secretarial tasks and follows up with clients.





In the winery

A la cave

As resident oenologist, Olivier is responsible for managing the main winery operations. He is assisted by Victor, his nephew, who is also involved in crafting the wines. The rest of the team helps them during harvest and from time to time during the bottling process.

In the vineyard

dans les vignes
From top to bottom, and left to right: Christophe, Romain, Eric, Adrien, Ahmed, Victor, Christophe, Bessem, Norbert and Sébastien.

This motivated and highly-competent team watches over the vineyard all year long. Their work varies according to the season, ranging from plowing the land, pruning, debudding and topping the vines to maintaining the stone walls.

Adrien coordinates the teams in the vines. He works alongside AhmedBessemChristophe C.Christophe L.Ettahar and Norbert.

Eric, RomainSébastien and Victor are qualified to drive and operate the agricultural machinery on the estate.

An additional forty workers join the permanent team at harvest.